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Central Library--Computer Learning Center

First floor of library. Located in the back of the library near children's section and auditorium. Free parking available in garage below library.

Upcoming Classes

  • Canva 101

    Learn how to create professional-looking flyers, certificates, social media posts, and more.

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 7/1/2024
  • Computación Básica (Spanish)

    ¿Quiere saber más sobre como funciona una computadora? Aprenda destrezas básicas en ésta clase. Aprenda como usar el ratón y escribir a maquina.

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 6/25/2024
    2. 6/27/2024
    3. 7/3/2024
    4. 7/10/2024
    5. 7/11/2024
    6. 7/17/2024
    7. 7/18/2024
  • Computer Camp Out: Google Overview

    When it comes to Google, most people know about Gmail, Docs, and even Sheets. But there are many more apps available to you with your google account! In this class, we will go over all of the lesser known apps you can access when you create a google account.

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 6/26/2024
    2. 6/26/2024
    3. 6/27/2024
    4. 6/27/2024
  • Computer Camp-Out: Google Docs

    Come join the fun and camp out with us for three days and learn features in Google Workspace. Each week you will learn a different Google Workspace. (Week One: Google Docs; Week Two: Google Sheets; Week Three: Google Slides.)

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 7/17/2024
    2. 7/17/2024
    3. 7/18/2024
    4. 7/18/2024
  • Email/Gmail 101

    Learn how to set up an email/gmail account, send and receive messages, send attachments and more!

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 7/3/2024
  • Google Doc 101

    Learn to create and edit text documents right in your web browser—no special software is required. Even better, multiple people can work at the same time, you can see people’s changes as they make them, and every change is saved automatically.

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 7/8/2024
  • Google Drive 101

    Are you interested in finding out more about Google Drive and cloud computing? Come join us to find out more about the many tools that you can use to perform various task at home or at work.

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 7/1/2024
  • Keyboarding--Practice Lab

    Are you frustrated with your sluggish typing speed? Do you spend too much time searching for keys on the keyboard? Then come to class and be prepared to practice!

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 7/3/2024
  • One-On-One Assistance

    If you are struggling to learn computer basics or you have a specific computer subject you need help with sign up now for a one-on-one assistance. Please be aware that we do not assist you with your personal devices.

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 7/1/2024
    2. 7/1/2024
    3. 7/1/2024
    4. 7/8/2024
    5. 7/8/2024
    6. 7/8/2024
    7. 7/15/2024
    8. 7/15/2024
    9. 7/15/2024
  • Social Media (Spanish)

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 6/26/2024
  • Zoom 101

    Would you like to learn how to navigate in Zoom? Zoom is an easy to use video conferencing program that allows you to have virtual meetings when you are away from the classroom or office.

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 7/8/2024

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Central Library--Computer Learning Center

660 W 5th St
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Phone: (336) 703-3079

Our Partners

  • Forsyth Tech

About Us

The goal of this cooperative library outreach program is to expand and multiply learning opportunities for those in our community who need basic, high-quality computer literacy training, specifically the underserved citizens, so they have an improved, productive quality of life as they adjust to living in an electronic, networked, computer-based society.

Computer and Internet classes are primarily held in public libraries, including WinstonNet labs, Winston-Salem recreation centers and Community Technology Centers. Register today by visiting our monthly calendar of classes.

The Computer Training Bridge is supported with federal Library Services and Technology Act funds through the State Library of North Carolina, and grants through Forsyth Technical Community College.

Contact Information

660 West 5th Street,
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

(336) 703 3079
(336) 703 2665