Neighborhood Empowerment Through Technology Program

These are the classes that you will need to take for the NETT program to build your computer skills.

  • Adult Coding 101

    Introduction to basic HTML5 and CSS3. Includes a short demonstration to show how a web page is built. Discuss plans and goals for building personal web page. There will be a series of five classes to teach you how to build your own web page.

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 12/14/2017
  • Microsoft Online

    Are you interested in finding out more about Microsoft Online? Come join us to find out more about the many tools that you can use to perform various task at home or at work.

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 12/18/2017
    2. 12/20/2017
  • Open Help Lab

    Do you need time to work on your computer and online skills on you own with a knowledgeable Computer Coach nearby if you need help? Open Help Labs are for the general public who may need additional support in using the computer, finding specific information, and/or using online tutoring programs. Whether you have a quick question about email or many questions about Microsoft Office, drop-in and ask one of our computer Gurus!

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 12/14/2017
    2. 12/18/2017
    3. 12/18/2017
    4. 12/19/2017
    5. 12/20/2017