Job Seeker's Programs

Workshops and open labs are scheduled on an on-going basis to assist Job Seekers in having the tools and skills needed to get hired.

  • Excel 202

    Ready to take your Microsoft Excel skills to the next level? This class picks up where Excel 101 leaves off and covers many more features of this powerful spreadsheet program including Auto-Fill, formulas, sorting data, charts and graphs!

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 6/26/2018
  • Open Help Lab

    Do you need time to work on your computer and online skills on your own with a knowledgeable Computer Coach nearby if you need help? Open Help Labs are for the general public who may need additional support in using the computer, finding specific information, and/or using online tutoring programs. Whether you have a quick question about email, resumes, job applications or any questions about Microsoft Office. Drop-in and ask one of our computer Gurus!

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 6/25/2018
    2. 6/26/2018
    3. 6/27/2018
    4. 6/27/2018
    5. 6/29/2018
    6. 8/10/2018
  • Resume 101

    Learn about the different types of resumes and find out which one is a right fit for you. Each participant will develop or update a resume.

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 6/25/2018
    2. 6/28/2018
    3. 6/29/2018
  • Word 202 (NETT)

    Learn about the various page setup options. For example, how to set up margins, headers, footers and borders.

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 6/28/2018