Computer Skill Building

Do you need to build your overall computer skills? Courses listed focus on beginner to intermediate computer proficiency.

  • Downloadables--Open Help Lab

    Bring your devices, cables, library card, and account information. Library staff will help you troubleshoot difficulties you may be having with the North Carolina Digital Library.

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 8/24/2017
  • Email 101

    Learn how to set up an email/gmail account, send and receive messages, send attachments and more!

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 8/22/2017
  • Excel 101

    This class teaches you how to create and edit a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel. Participants must be comfortable with working in the Microsoft environment, and a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word is helpful.

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 8/11/2017
  • Facebook 101

    Have you wondered what all the hype is over Facebook? Come to this workshop style class and see for yourself!

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 7/7/2017
    2. 8/14/2017
  • Internet 101 (NETT)

    If you need help exploring the world wide web & figuring out how to get online this is the class for you!

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 7/5/2017
    2. 7/17/2017
    3. 7/20/2017
    4. 7/28/2017
    5. 8/21/2017
    6. 8/29/2017
  • Open Help Lab

    Do you need time to work on your computer and online skills on you own with a knowledgeable Computer Coach nearby if you need help? Open Help Labs are for the general public who may need additional support in using the computer, finding specific information, and/or using online tutoring programs. Whether you have a quick question about email or many questions about Microsoft Office, drop-in and ask one of our computer Gurus!

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 6/23/2017
    2. 6/26/2017
    3. 6/27/2017
    4. 6/28/2017
    5. 6/30/2017
    6. 7/3/2017
    7. 7/20/2017
    8. 7/22/2017
    9. 7/22/2017
    10. 7/27/2017
    11. 8/4/2017
    12. 8/7/2017
    13. 8/12/2017
    14. 8/15/2017
  • PowerPoint 101

    Do you want to know how to create slideshows and exciting presentation materials? Use Microsoft PowerPoint and let your creativity WOW your audience!

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 6/26/2017
  • Word 101

    This class covers Microsoft's word processing application, Word. This informative class teaches you how to format text, indent, align text, create lists, cut/copy and paste, and more. Create, edit and save a document in Microsoft Word.

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 7/10/2017
    2. 7/14/2017
    3. 7/21/2017
  • Word 202 (NETT)

    Learn about the various page setup options. For example, how to set up margins, headers, footers and borders.

    Upcoming Dates

    1. 6/27/2017